A Whole Town To Explore

Lugaria is in the middle of a civil war. Now you must put together your own special forces team and end the conflict before it is too late.


Square feet - largest indoor arena in the UK


Players per battle can play


Battle Scenarios


Perfect for families, groups and company events.


Build Your Ultimate Team

Who will you put as your sniper? Who is best at reconnaissance? YOU DECIDE!

Choose the action you want!

and answers

1Is there an age restriction?
We do not allow anyone under 8 years old to play.
This is only because of the weight of the guns and difficulty

of the scenarios. There is no upper age limit.

2What do I have to wear?
Whatever you want, but don't wear high heels

and we would suggest you don't wear shorts
but however you want to dress is up to you.

3Can I hold a party there?
Yes you can and it would be the ultimate of
all parties. Contact us for more information
and pricing.
4How long will a game last?
Each gaming experience lasts about 20 minutes.
5Have you really built a town or is it just a wall paper?
Come check in to the hotel or go grab a drink
at the coffee shop in the square while you wait
for your car to be fixed at the garage, then you tell us.
Pregnant women, those who suffer from asthma, are epileptic, suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights, have vision, heart, neck or back problems, have high blood pressure, motion sickness, vertigo, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have had aneurysms or recent surgery or illness, equilibrium or ear problems, are diabetic or any health or physical condition that could be affected by this attraction should NOT PLAY LASER TAG.

Stop playing games
on your console and play